The Vegetable Power Rankings

Onion –  The only vegetable capable of self-defense. Impossible to cook without.

Brussel Sprout – Still my favorite to win it all after last year’s impressive post-season run. It’s a tasty, miniature cabbage. When I’m eating them I like to imagine they’re little crunchy marinated chipmunk skulls. Ok no I don’t, and you’re right, that’s gross.

Cauliflower – Great name. What is a cauli? Is that a tree? Only albino version of another vegetable.

Artichoke – Just a badass, deadly-sounding dude of a vegetable. Deadly.

Asparagus – It can make your pee more horribler smelling.

Peas – Why did it take me thirty years to realize that this vegetable is the plural of ‘pee’? Good for rolling. Only spherical vegetable.

Celery – For when you run out of floss.

Corn – Or else what would there be in your throw up?

Spinach – The liver of vegetables.

Garlic – Good for masking finger smells. Like when you’ve been scratching your butthole. Then you go cook something with garlic in it and no one will know!

Shallot – Why do recipes call for shallots? Where are all these shallots? What is a shallot, anyway? Gene Shallot?

Jicama – For when you wanted packing peanuts in your salad, but you already ate all the packing peanuts.

Beet – Mr. Stainy.

Potato – Potato, you stupid, ugly vegetable. I would feel bad for the potato if it just weren’t so … ugly. Just, go look at a potato that’s starting to sprout. You’ll know what I mean. If I really wanted to insult someone I would tell them “Potato-face”. I can’t think of anyone I dislike enough to say that to. Yes, I know it’s a tuber.

Carrots – Usually safe, just don’t eat a whole bag. Long story. Ulcers.

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