The Saddest Day of The Year

Oh man, I so knew day two would be way harder than day one. The first day of doing anything is hazardously easy. Like: I’m going to start training for a marathon! Or: I’m going to become a brain surgeon! Yup, until tomorrow when you realize doing those things involves countless repetitions of something that was underwhelmingly  fun the first time.

(Oh, hold on a minute while I go help Alicia corral Ayla in the bathroom, where she has unspooled three quarters of a roll or toilet paper. Ok, I’m back)

As I recall from my previous years of blogging, day two-hundred-and-whatever isn’t any better than day two; just more pressure, since you’ve managed to keep up an amazing unbroken chain of daily blogging, and now you addled mind can’t come up with one coherent (never mind interesting) thing to say. Or else you break your index and middle fingers on your left hand; try blogging daily with that shit.

Also, today the local news told me it’s officially the saddest day of the year, according to the national council of total assholes (or some group of psychologists, I can’t remember). The combination of suffocating winter, broken new year’s resolutions, mounting holiday bills and looming unholy-crappiness of February is cited as the reason. When I heard that I was like “What the fuck, News.” Out loud. In front of my two-year old.

Fortunately the also mentioned the happiest day of the year is June 17th. Only one-hundred-and-eighty-two not officially the saddest but still pretty depressing depending on your circumstances days from now. Of course, by then I’ll have nearly a book-and-a-half’s worth of complain-y blog posts in the bag, barring absurd finger injuries.

And also, for the record, today was a fine day. Better than average, even. I had coffee with a friend, did some work, played with Ayla and put her down for a nap, then played some tennis in the afternoon. At dinner Alicia and I listened while Ayla belted out children’s songs (Wheels on the Bus, etc.) as loudly as she could.

Shove it, psychologists. You may have local news on your side, but today we’re happy, and I’m not letting you bring us down with you.

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